About the Landmark

Old St. Peter’s Landmark, originally known as St. Peter’s Catholic Church, was built in 1897, and was dedicated on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1898. In 1970, the Monsignor of the Church declared that the church should be torn down and the bricks sold. At the time, a new church was being built that would hold more parishioners and would provide easier access for Senior Citizens.IMG_9800

A small band of citizens, concerned that such an exquisite building should be destroyed, formed Old St. Peter’s Landmark Preservation, Inc., and pooled their efforts to raise money for the $25,000 asking price.

By 1971, through the sales of a $1 dollar postcard “brick” with words by Goethe saying: “Whatever you can do – or dream you can – begin it, boldness has power, magic and genius in it!”, the sale of a Rooster book written especially for the Landmark, and donations, from 10 cents to $6,000, enough money was raised. The building with all its remaining contents was purchased and Old St. Peter’s Landmark was saved from destruction for everyone to admire and enjoy.

Since then, Old St. Peter’s Landmark has been host to many weddings over the years. All denominations are welcome.

Visit this historic treasure at the corner of 3rd and Lincoln Streets in The Dalles, Oregon.